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home theater hideawayshome theater hideawayshome theater hideawayshome theater hideaways
hom theater hideaways

home theater hideaways

Proudly Presents:


A Unique line of
Home Theater Cabinetry.

“The performance He wants…
With a look She’ll love”

The Cinema-Center line of Home Theater Décor was specifically designed by Audio/Video professionals to simultaneously provide the best Audio & Video performance while at the same time allowing the system to look fantastic in a homes décor.

The top priorities in creating the Cinema-Center were to engineer & design the units to give its owners the best possible Home Theater Experience.  This is achieved with proper screen heights, Speaker placement around the screen and the absence of “nick-knacks” and family pictures.

These units are intended for people who really want the best performance out of their Theater Systems.  Using our 15+ years of Home Theater Installation & Design experience we are excited to be  offering these products as a solution to the age old problem of   “The performance He wants…With a look She’ll love”.

Benefits & Features

home theater hideaways



How we can help you grow your business:
Earn MORE & Work LESS!

Allows A/V Company to provide a complete Theater Solution & Experience.
Increases profit: Cinema-Center Sale & Reduced install problems and headaches.
Enables A/V Company to elevate & separate themselves from local big-box stores.
Provide a Simple Theater solution for existing rooms.
Great way to bring on new builders – Cinema-Center can be offered as a builder option and included in homeowner’s mortgage.
You can now provide a builder multiple Home Theater options that do NOT require any additional framing or custom trim work.
The Cinema-Center will be a favorite with the interior designers that you work with – and it will only be available through custom A/V companies.
A/V company can create predetermined a/v packages (Good, Better, & Best) to simplify the sales and installation process.
Cinema-Center opens new markets – Vacation Condos, Downtown Lofts, Studies, and Master Bedrooms & Kids Playrooms.
Allows you to WOW your clients with a complete Theater System that they can enjoy for many years and allows them to take it with them if they ever move.
The Cinema-Center will provide many satisfied clients who will provide lots of referrals.

Solid Wood Construction.
Custom cut Speaker/Display Panel to fit TV & Speakers.
Designed to place Speakers & Video display at optimum heights for outstanding performance.
Constructed in modular sections to allow access into any room and simple assembly once in the designated room.
Can accommodate wide variety of electronic components.
Media storage drawers
Component cabinet has adjustable shelves & removable/open back for easy hook-up & cooling.
Cinema-Centers have Built-in Casters for easy movement.